Halo’s Master Chief Face, Carnage Anniversary and The Last of Us on TV?

by Samii Jinx


My first Kickstarter, Halo news, Ghost Rider and Carnage’s anniversaries and AquaMEN?!

It’s almost exhausting trying to keep up with the ever moving world of entertainment…ALMOST! Some of this week’s releases have me so pumped I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

Let’s start with the infamous Johnny Blaze who has the perfect life: a wife, kids, good job, a demon inside trying to force its way out… we go back to basics with the Spirit of Vengeance in the new comic Ghost Rider #1 from Marvel Comics this week. Can you believe we have had 50 years of Ghost Rider??

Speaking of comic book anniversaries, Carnage Forever #1 is also here to celebrate 30 years of monsters, mayhem and murder. A look back on Carnage’s past, present and maybe the first hints of his visceral and violent future!

A title I didn’t anticipate seeing any time soon (yet here it is…) was Aquamen #1.

Following on from Aquaman: The Becoming, it soon becomes clear that Aquamen Arthur Curry and Jackson Hyde are at the beginnings of a deeper and more dangerous conspiracy theory….

The cancelling of Firefly divided the nerd nation and there were a lot of broken hearts. Well All New Firefly #1 allows a fledgling creative team to kickoff an all-new, shiny direction for the crew of the Serenity! Worth a read to fill the star shaped hole left in all of us…

However, my personal favourite find this week is Black Hops: Hopocalypse Now an ongoing comic book series following an irradiated rabbit commando and her team of creepy critters in high-stakes military action! Tasked with infiltrating a castle crawling with enemy soldiers, the Black Hops special mission force and their human handle will have to fight their way to a rematch with the mercenary Hare Trigger. It’s cute, badass and gorgeously illustrated!

There was a super exciting Nintendo Switch release too, Capcom Fighting Collection which contains Darkstalkers, one of my favourite fighting games and featuring Morrigan and Felicia, dream cosplay of mine!

It’s been a bombshell week for Halo fans with it being revealed we will see Master Chief’s face in the Paramount+ tv series. Eagerly awaited but does it ruin the nostalgia for some? The shows producer said “We absolutely respect both sides of that fence, but for the nature of this story, it felt really important to connect with the Master Chief in a different way, and that meant showing the face.” THE face…. I am more intrigued than ever! How does this news make you feel?

DC disciples got some great news as well, Michael Keaton is set to reprise his role as Batman in the incoming Flash movie! A win for him and nostalgic fans! I always loved his depiction of Bruce Wayne so for the second time ever I think I am excited for a Flash release!

For me the toughest announcement I came across this week was Interview With a Vampire, AMC have ordered an 8 episode run..the saving grace being that the late Anne Rice managed to be an executive producer on the show ! We are closer than ever to seeing the definitive onscreen version of Rice’s original vision but details of what that will look like have been scarce and as a fan of the books I am nervous….

But it seems The Last Of Us is also getting a TV series ! Although it’s not expected until 2023 it seems the cast is confirmed (including Nick Offerman!) and filming is well underway ! If you’ve somehow missed The Last Of Us hype there’s still time to play the 2013 game on Playstation which is well worth the time for any zombie, horror lover although it’s rumoured this series will focus more on the core of the characters rather than the action that drives the game.

I also backed my first ever Kickstarter in February which completed this week and I am pumped to receive my copy of Vampire Hunter D: Message From Mars, this anime was very close to my heart growing up and being able to bring this passion project to life is very exciting! I’ll definitely share it with you when I have it in my hands!

Are there any Kickstarters you have backed this year? I’d love to check out some more!

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