Halloween Ends Trailer Review: Laurie vs Michael

by Beanie White
halloween ends Jamie Lee Curtis

Today is a monumental day in the horror industry, FINALLY the trailer for David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends (2022) has arrived. A franchise 44 years in the making. Horror aficionados and cinephiles alike have been waiting with bated breath for this, the beginning of the end of Halloween… We’ve watched Laurie Strode grow from a sweet-natured bookworm to a rifle-wielding unyielding badass of a final girl. WHAT A JOURNEY! And it all ends this October.

This trailer is a winner in that it chooses to give absolutely nothing away. We open with the oh-so-familiar sight of clusters of kids in costumes accompanied by the simple utterance of “trick or treat!” And we’re hooked, pulled right back into any of the fateful Halloween nights delivered to us by this iconic series. We’re treated to that signature shaky Michael Myers POV as John Carpenter’s legendary theme is teased. We’re expecting to encounter a vulnerable victim of Michael’s but… BANG, heeeeeere’s Laurie (to be read in a Jack Nicholson Shining style voice in case you were wondering).

The rest of the trailer is a snappy cut between scenes of Laurie and Michael fighting and potential new characters/victims, the theme tinkles menacingly, interspersed with screams of pure terror. We also get some flashback footage of a young Laurie, is this just being used to contextualise the trailer? Or will we be revisiting younger Laurie in the plot? Fans (including me) are already theorising that parts of Michael’s appearance in the trailer are either part of a dream sequence, or are to establish that there is a copycat killer featured alongside the real deal, this is due to the close shot of Michael’s hand opening a door, real fans will know that MM actually lost two of his fingers in Halloween (2018)… And why is Laurie wearing her OG outfit and hairstyle?? Could this be further evidence of a dream sequence? So many questions but we’re going to have to be patient for just a little while longer.

The impact of the Halloween franchise is colossal, the importance of a character like Laurie Strode is undeniable, I could talk for ages about my intense love for David Gordon Green’s Halloween requels. If this short trailer is anything to go by then we are in for the perfect Halloween. Evil dies tonight… No wait, Evil dies on the 14th October… Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Ah well, await my rave review.

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