Disney Pixar’s Major Movie Releases for 2022

by Eve Andrews

Every year, movie buffs from across the globe wait with bated breath for the latest announcements from Pixar Animations. A studio known for its high-quality output in both creative storylines and production value, the release of a new title never fails to get film fans hyped. With the release of Soul and Luca, 2021 saw another glowing year for the beloved studio, leaving fans to look with hopeful eyes towards Pixar’s future in 2022. Well, we’re just as excited as you are, and to usher in the new year, I think it’s high time we took a cheeky peek at what Pixar Animations has planned for 2022!

Turning Red

Coming of age stories have always been a Pixar staple, and it seems 2022 will be bringing us another! Turning Red has been described as the wacky teenage tale of thirteen-year-old Mei Lee, a confident, popular and studious girl entering the universal childhood struggles of parental expectations alongside the tumultuous upheaval of adolescence. And as if this weren’t enough for a young teen to deal with, Mei Lee is hit with an inherent family quirk that will turn her world upside even more! From what we’ve seen of Turning Red so far, its visuals are undoubtedly a standout feature.

Ever since the release of Toy Story way back in 1996, Pixar has made a name for itself as one of the most predominant pioneers of modern Western animation. Since the release of Luca back in June 2021, with its unique Studio Ghibli inspired style, Pixar appears to be once again striking out into new visual territory.

Similar to Luca, Turning Red presents with a more cartoony aesthetic than what we’re used to seeing from the average Pixar movie. With its quirky comic book style, Turning Red has already been praised by fans for its smooth animation and adorable character designs.

Hopefully, the script and overall plot will live up to its visuals – fingers crossed!

Release date: 11th March 2022.


Speaking of Toy Story, most fans believed that the cherished franchise had finally come to a close with its fourth cinematic instalment in the summer of 2019. However, contrary to the sparkling reception of its three predecessors, Toy Story 4 garnered mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. As such, while saying goodbye was a sad moment for many, it was widely agreed that the franchise had run its course and would be better left to rest in peace from there on out.

However, come 2020, news reached fans that a brand new Toy Story adventure was in the works; only this one has a twist. Centring around the fan-favourite character, Buzz Lightyear, Pixar is treating fans to an in-world movie that will further engross its audience into the nostalgic childhood existence of Andy, the relatable, much-loved owner of our favourite Pixar toy gang! This Buzz Lightyear-based spinoff is framed as one of the movies Andy would have watched during childhood, exploring the in-world storyline behind his treasured action figure. While this isn’t the first Buzz Lightyear movie to have hit the screens, it is the first time Pixar has fully taken the reins and offered up a full-length Lightyear feature, complete with the classic Pixar visuals we know and love.

Described by Pixar’s press release as the “definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear”, we cannot wait to see what Buzz was thinking about when attempting all those futile calls to Star Command. With its stunning animation, wacky-looking plotline and non-stop nostalgia hits, this movie is shaping up to be an absolute blast!

Release date: 17th June 2022.

What do you think about Pixar’s upcoming projects for 2022? Is there one that you and your family are particularly looking forward to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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